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In Memory of Donald Lynn Conway 7/6/1939 – 9/23/2021

September 28, 2022

Bradley Carl Marler

September 28, 2022

Eugene K. Duncan

September 28, 2022

Debbie K. Fancher

September 28, 2022

Muffin Hisserich

September 28, 2022

Howard T. Henry

September 28, 2022

Bobby Nowlin Keathley

September 28, 2022

John Boyd Buford

September 28, 2022

Richard Dale Chitwood

September 21, 2022

Charles “Chuck” Meridith Smotherman

September 21, 2022

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Patrick Chapman Still Missing

Patrick Norman “Pat” Chapman is a 34-year-old, Caucasian male who was last known to be in Piedmont which is near the area of Greenville, Missouri on May 10, 2020.
Pat had stayed the night with a friend and his wife at their home. In the early morning when the friend woke to go to work.
Pat was gone in his own Burgundy color 1995 Ford Escort. That is the last anyone was known to have seen him. The vehicle was later recovered on May 29, 2020 in Mill Spring, Missouri.

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