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Clubb Appointed to Vacancy on Greenville R-2 Board

Rick Clubb thought his service on the Greenville R-2 Board of Education had come to an end. Clubb did not run for re-election. The Greenville R-2 Board of Education had two meetings Thursday, April 13. The retiring board president, was present at Greenville’s April 13 meeting to call the meeting to order and preside until election results were certified and new members were sworn into office; this meeting lasted approximately 15 minutes.
During the course of that meeting, the board voted to appoint Clubb to fill a vacancy on the board. The vacancy was created by the March 11 death of longtime board member Robert Becker.
Prior to the meeting, the newspaper was contacted by several people concerned by the agenda item, “appoint interim board member,” that was listed on the agenda for the old board. According to the people who contacted to the newspaper, the school district has a written policy related to filling vacancies on the school board.  The individuals who contacted the newspaper were concerned that the school’s policy had not been followed.
The appointment process was short and sweet. When the agenda item was announced, no discussion ensued. Board member John Berger made a motion to appoint Clubb to fill the vacancy. Brad Miller seconded the motion. All board members voted in favor of the appointment except Clubb who abstained.
“I am honored to serve,” Clubb said. “I thought my service was coming to an end. The last time we filled a vacancy on the board there were hurt feelings.”
No one voiced concerns about the process. The only people attending the meeting were the school board members, Superintendent Todd Porter, the three principals, and  the Journal-Banner’s Kim Combs.
“I had been given copies of the school’s policies prior to the meeting by concerned individuals,” Combs said. “My role at the meeting was to report on what happened and not be an active participant.”
According to the school’s policy, “The fact that a vacancy exists or will exist will be announced at the next board meeting. Local newspapers will also be notified. Residents wishing to be appointed to the vacancy shall make their desire known by sending a letter to the secretary of the board stating their qualifications and their reasons for wishing to be on the board. A period of two weeks from the date of announcement will be allowed for receipt of these letters.”
The board’s policy states “the letters will be reviewed by the Board of Education at the next regularly scheduled board meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. The board may select final candidates from the applicants, and these individuals will be interviewed in open session at a regular or special meeting of the board. The appointment will be made in open session at the next board meeting held subsequent to the interview process.”
The school was not required to hold an election this year. Three seats were open and three individuals declared their candidacies—Gail Golden and incumbents Brad Miller and Brian Allen.
When the board reorganized, Brad Miller was elected board president. Steve Marler was chosen to serve as vice president. Brian Allen was elected board secretary. John Berger will be the school’s delegate to the Missouri School Board Association.

Rick Clubb Sr., left, was appointed to fill out the remainder of Robert Becker’s term of office. Superintendent Todd Porter administered the oath of office.

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