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Corps Urges Boaters, Anglers to Be Aware of Underwater Hazards

Boaters visiting Corps lakes are advised that when boating near shore, to beware of hidden underwater hazards because of the high water.  They should go slowly and be extra cautious to avoid objects they would not normally expect in the water.  Look for sign posts, picnic tables, table canopies and other structures often found in a campground or picnic areas.
Be aware that floating logs, trees, trash and debris of all sizes could be anywhere in the lake for the next month or so. Have an observer in the boat when possible, slow down and always wear a life jacket and use your kill switch.  Be extremely careful at night, as obstructions are even more difficult to see.
Officials also urge boat dock owners to check their docks frequently during high lake levels to ensure anchors and cables are securely attached to the dock.  Recent high winds and high water have increased the number of cable breaks and loose docks on the lakes.
Daily lake information can be obtained at or the Corps’ mobile App which can be found in mobile App stores by searching for USACE Little Rock.

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