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Jeff’s Canoe Rental Is Now Under New Management


THE NEW OWNERS of Jeff’s Canoe Rental welcome floaters to experience all the new features they have to offer. Pictured above are owners Travis and Ellice Davis with their children.

After forty-five years of operation, Jeff’s Canoe Rental will continue to remain a family based business as ownership is passed on to Travis and Ellice Davis. After deciding to return to the area to give their children the opportunity to grow up around Travis’ hometown, the Davis’ moved from the city and took root in Farmington. In April of 2017, they purchased the Jeff’s Canoe Rental from previous owners Brad and Robyn Parker, and have since made many improvements in their efforts to draw in adventure-seeking floaters. For their first year of ownership they plan to focus mainly on the maintenance of their store as well as their equipment. They are also working towards earning feedback from the community about ways they might improve their services. When asked if they would be changing the name, they respectfully replied that they intend to keep it Jeff’s Canoe Rental as it has been known for so many years. From increasing and repairing a number of rafts, to adding kayaks and new T-shirt designs there are many exciting things happening on Black River. The Davis’ also have many exciting plans for expanding the canoe rentals other services over the next few seasons. They plan to continually increase the number of rafts and kayaks available for floaters, as well as introducing themed floats and possibly a rewards program for dedicated customers. In addition to new items being added weekly, they currently offer a variety of goods in their store such as coffee, beer, canoe cup holders and seats, bait, swim shoes, waterproof cases, T-shirts, and various grocery items. Jeff’s Canoe Rental also has a very strong presence with social media. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or pay a visit to their website at You can also email them at to get more information or make a reservation. The Davis’ are also open to suggestions from the public as to how they can improve their customers experiences and make it an even better adventure for those seeking a cool retreat on a hot summers day.


  1. Aaron McLean on July 3, 2020 at 12:12 pm

    We love Jeff’s Canoe Rental! We’ve been visiting the Black River for years and Jeff’s has always been very accommodating to my family. We will miss Robin but I’m sure the new owners are just as honest and thoughtful!

  2. Randy larkin on July 13, 2018 at 10:19 am

    DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I’m from the city and have not done this before.
    Half of our group wanted tubes. Although they did say “you are the first to want tubes instead of kayaks” they did not mention it is not possible to cover the distance in the time period allowed. There is a late fee. Also if a customer comes in my store illequipt to complete their goal I’m going to suggest what they need. It would have been nice to know that shoes are helpful when the water level in the river is so low there are many places you have to get out and drag your stuff over the rocks to get to the water again. I’ve heard from many people the current river is a lot better and is close to there. It felt like the folks at jeffs rental were only concerned about renting.

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