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Opy’s In Ellington Opening Soon

     A new store is opening in town! Opy’s is having it’s grand opening next weekend on Friday, October 13, and Saturday, October 14.

     As relative newcomers to the area, Brock and Alyssa Smith moved to Criswell Hol­ler around two years ago. After the tragic passing of their son, Drew, the couple decided to name their new home Drew’s Acres to honor their son. Soon after moving, they decided to sell an entertainment center that belonged to the previous owner of the home. That was how they met Jim and Mary Dement. Fast forward two years and Alyssa and Mary will be opening the doors of their new store in just over a week.

     Originally built in 1932, the Opy’s building has been host to all sorts of businesses from a library, to a health office. In order to retain some of it’s his­tory, owners Alyssa and Mary decided to dig deep through layers of paint to restore the original flooring, and do much needed repairs to the wall and roof. A beautiful mural was painted on the outside of the building and a fresh coat of paint brings new life into the shop. Even their display cases have history! Jewelry will be displayed in a case that was built in 1928, and came from the Grand Marquette Hotel in Cape Girardeau.

     So what is there to buy? Opy’s will offer a large variety of items. The owners wanted to offer items in their store that were oftentimes difficult to come across in the area. Items include: gourmet and specialty foods, antiques, gifts, apparel and accessories, health foods and vitamins, essential oils, teas, sewing supplies, hand­made soaps and bath bombs, quality jewelry, and so much more. Once a week, Opy’s will offer fresh baked goods such as Alyssa’s famous homemade bread and cinnamon rolls.

     Opy’s will even feature a “Man Room” stuffed to the gills with ammo reload­ing supplies, Criswell Holler Knives (hand made by Brock Smith), outdoor equipment, tackle, etc. Grass finished beef will also be a staple. They will have beef from both Dexter cattle and other local raised cows, many are directly from Drew’s Acres.

     On top of opening their doors to customers, Opy’s will be hosting several give­aways. There will be three main giveaways consisting of a meat bundle basket, perfect for the carnivore in your life, a women’s basket, and a men’s outdoor pack. Each customer that makes a purchase is en­tered into the major giveaway. Also, every 50th customer that makes a purchase will win a prize. The owners will also bring in a giveaway wheel which they will use to select even more winners.

     Opy’s is located at 110 2nd Street in Ellington and after their grand opening will be open Monday through Friday 10 AM through 5 PM and Sat­urdays 8 AM through 1 PM. Mark your calendars for next weekend and come see what Opy’s has to offer!

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