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MDC Offers Hunter Ed Online

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Department of Con­servation (MDC) offers an all-online hunter-education course for Missouri residents 16 years or older to provide a more flexible and convenient option to become hunter-education certified. The all-online course includes videos and animation to teach hunter safety, firearm safety, ethics, regulations, and wildlife man­agement.

The way adults are learn­ing is ever changing. More in­dividuals are utilizing mobile applications and online tools to educate themselves,” MDC Hunter Education Coordina­tor Kyle Lairmore said. “This option provides individuals the flexibility to learn at their own pace and at a time they choose.”

Students will receive a tem­porary hunter-education cer­tificate once they complete and pass the 60-question final exam with an 80% or higher. Individuals 15 years or young­er are still required to com­plete the blended hunter edu­cation course requiring both a knowledge portion and in-person skills session to receive certification.

Missouri’s hunter educa­tion course is required for any hunter born on or after Jan. 1, 1967. Hunters who plan to hunt during a Missouri fire­arms season or are acting as an adult mentor must first com­plete an approved hunter-ed­ucation certification program and provide proof of comple­tion unless:

-15 years of age or younger and will be hunting with a properly permitted adult men­tor 18 or older.

-Born before Jan. 1, 1967.

-Disability exemption from MDC’s Protection Division.

-16 years of age or older and have purchased an apprentice hunter authorization and will be hunting with a property permitted adult mentor 18 or older.

-Landowner or lessee hunt­ing on self-owned land or land of residence.

Learn more about MDC’s hunter education program, in­cluding the online option at For more information about hunting seasons, go to: http://

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