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Holly Jolly Holiday Stroll Coming To Ellington

     Every year, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shop­ping gets more and more stressful. Long car rides, endless checkout lines, cranky shoppers, it’s no wonder the holiday season gets overwhelming. What if you were offered the chance to shop in your own home­town, and make purchases from familiar and friendly faces? The Ellington Cham­ber of Commerce is doing just that. Mark your calen­dars for December 1, be­cause the Chamber will be hosting their first ever Holly Jolly Holiday Stroll. This event will consist of a full evening where members of the community are encour­aged to shop local. Going from 4PM to 8PM, business­es throughout town will stay open later in order to accom­modate those who work late or simply get a late start. This event not only promis­es the opportunity to shop at local businesses, but also to purchase from local people. Vendors that sell products through other companies will also be welcomed to set up shop and sell their prod­ucts.

     In a day and age where more shopping is done online than in-store, it is important to shop local when you can. All of the revenue processed during this event will circu­late directly back into the community. By shopping at your local boutiques, salons, and family-owned busi­nesses, you are contributing back to the commerce of the city, and therefore growing the economy of the commu­nity. Businesses and vendors are getting the opportunity to expand their market and improve their sales while shoppers are purchasing from the people they know in the comfort of their own community. So mark your calendar for December 1, dress warm, and get ready to shop at this year’s Holly Jolly Holiday Stroll. There is no entry fee, but in order to ensure everyone has ad­equate space, the Chamber encourages you to let them know if you intend for your business to participate. If you’re interested in having your local business partici­pate or wish to be a local vendor, you’re encouraged to call the Ellington Cham­ber of Commerce President Christy Roberts at 573-663- 7877, space is limited for vendors.

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