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Two Fire Departments Approve Automatic Mutual Aid Agreement

The Piedmont City Fire Department and the Clearwater Fire Protection District have ratified an automatic mutual aid agreement. This will improve fire protection to area residents. The two fire departments will respond to any reports of a structure fire within the city of Piedmont and within the fire protection district. If the fire is in the city, the fire district will respond with a tanker and manpower; if additional units are needed, the scene commander will request them. If the fire is in the fire district, Piedmont will respond with its pumper/tanker and manpower. The department having authority of jurisdiction will assume command of the fire scene. The agreement was signed by Piedmont Fire Chief Seth Deck and Clearwater Fire Protection District Fire Chief Earl Mumper on Jan. 8. The agreement will be in place in-definitely. Either department can terminate the agreement with 30 days notice.

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