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Race Develops For State Rep.

Voters in the 144th District elected a state representative Feb. 6. Chris Dinkins of Annapolis took office Feb. 26.

Dinkins was elected to fill the remainder of Paul Fitzwater’s term which expires Dec. 31. A new representative will be elected in the November General Election.

Dinkins has filed for that seat and has two opponents on the Republican ticket. Scotty Shrum, an attorney from Potosi, and Beau Gooch, a veterinary software salesman from Piedmont, are challenging Dinkins. Both men had sought the Republican nomination in the special election.

At the present time, no Democrat has filed. Jim Scaggs of Annapolis, who ran against Dinkins in the special election, has filed for re-election as Iron County Presiding Commissioner.

Circuit Judge

Very rarely does the 42nd Judicial Circuit have a contested race for judge. This year, there will be a race in both the primary and general elections.

Megan Seay of Salem, Scott Bernstein of Davisville, and Glenn Hall of Salem are vying for the Republican nomination for circuit judge. Incumbent Sid Pearson of Salem is currently unopposed on the Democratic ticket.

One Race in 

Reynolds County

Only one contested local races has developed. Brandi Freeman, Karen McKenna, and Beth Bufford declared their candidacy for circuit clerk on the Democratic ticket on the opening day of filing Feb. 27. Incumbent Randy Cowin announced several months ago that he would not seek another term in office and planned to retire.

Benjamin Thompson filed for another term as associate circuit judge. Mike Harper filed for re-election as county clerk.

Joe Lloyd is seeking another term as presiding commissioner. Wanda Corder has filed for re-election as county treasurer.

Myra Turner is seeking another four-year term as recorder of deeds. Kathy Hoffman has filed for re-election as collector of revenue. Michael Randazzo filed as prosecuting attorney.

All of the incumbents are Democrats.

U.S. Congress

Kathy Ellis, a Democrat from Festus, has declared her candidacy for 8th District Congress. Jason Smith of Cape Girardeau, a Republican, filed for re-election as Congressman on March 1. Jonathan L. Shell of Fredericktown has filed on the Libertarian ticket.

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