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Freeman, Loyd Winners in Reynolds County

Reynolds County races were close. Less than 25 votes decided two races.

By a slim margin of nine votes, Brandi Freeman won the Democratic nomination for clerk of the circuit court in Reynolds County. Freeman was one of three candidates vying to replace the retiring Randy Cowin.

Freeman received 430 votes. Beth Buford received 421 votes. Karen McKenna rounded out the field of candidates with 260 votes. Freeman will not have an opponent in the November General Election.

Joe Loyd was re-elected presiding commissioner. He received 50.99 percent of the popular vote. Unofficial returns show Loyd received 566 votes. Challenger Rick Lane had 544 votes.

In the race for circuit judge, Republican Megan Seay received 313 votes and wrapped up her party’s nomination. Scott Bernstein received 109 votes. Glenn Hall had 67 votes.

Chris Dinkins received 377 votes in her bid for re-election as state representative. The Republican will not have an opponent in November. In the Primary Election, challenger Beau Gooch received 81 votes.


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  2. Patrick D Pyles on August 8, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Thanks for sharing Election Results for Reynolds County on FB!!!

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