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Cates, Sisco Win in Wayne County

Wayne County went red in the November General Election. Republicans carried all contested races. A huge voter turnout, fueled by the many statewide issues and a heated U.S. Senate race, brought 54.7 percent of the county’s registered voters out.

Josh Hawley received 3,564 votes in Wayne County in his quest to unseat incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill for U.S. Senate. McCaskill received 1035 votes.

Saundra McDowell received 73.73 percent of the votes in Wayne County for state auditor. Unofficial returns show she received 3,391 votes to incumbent Nicole Galloway’s 1071 votes.

Jason Smith received 3730 votes in his quest for another term as Eighth District Congressman. Democratic challenger Kathy Ellis received 910 votes.

Megan Seay received 3,590 votes in her multi-county race for circuit judge. Democratic incumbent Sid Pearson received 1028 votes.

Kent Sisco was elected Wayne County’s new county clerk with 3249 votes. Democrat Tara Smith received 1391 votes.

Rhonda Cates unseated Mary H. VanNoy Hampton as collector of revenue. Cates received 2571 votes. Hampton got 2108 votes.

Voters were in favor of keeping Supreme Court judges Brent Powell and Mary Rhodes Russell and Appeal Court Judge Jeffrey Bates.

Wayne Countians were split on Amendment 1 with 2233 yes votes and 2289 no votes. Voters were also split on Amendment 2 with 2614 yes votes and 2016 no votes. Amendment 3 was opposed in Wayne County 3207-1355. Voters were also against Amendment 4 2561-1797. Voters were split on Prop B with 2427 yes votes and 2196 no votes. Local voters opposed Prop C 2881-1666. Voters were also against Prop D 3268-1355.

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