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Reynolds Countians Favor Republicans

Reynolds County voters favored Republican candidates in Tuesday’s election. Fifty-eight percent of the county’s registered voters cast ballots.

Josh Hawley received 70.72 percent of the votes cast in Reynolds County for U.S. Senator. Unofficial returns show Hawley received 1,795 votes to incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill’s 673.

Saundra McDowell, a Republican, received 1,532 votes for state auditor. Incumbent Democrat Nicole Galloway received 794.

Jason Smith received 1,892 votes in Reynolds County in his quest for another term as Eighth District Congressman. Democrat Kathy Ellis received 594.

Megan Seay received 1,803 votes in Reynolds County for Circuit Judge. Sid Pearson, a Democrat incumbent, got 660 votes.

There were no local contested races. Democrat Benjamin Thompson received 1891 votes for associate circuit judge. Joe Loyd received 1738 votes for presiding commissioner. Mike Harper received 1971 votes for county clerk. Brandi Freeman got 1841 votes for circuit clerk. Myra Turner received 1904 votes for recorder of deeds. Wanda Corder received 1890 votes for treasurer. Michael Randazzo received 1795 votes. Kathy Hoffman received 1861 votes.

Reynolds County voters favored keeping the Supreme Court judges Brent Powell, Mary Rhodes Russell and Appeals Court Judge Jeffrey Bates. They all received over 73 percent of the popular vote in Reynolds County.

Voters were split on Amendment 1 1221 Yes and 1205 No. Voters were in favor of Amendment 2; unofficial Reynolds County returns show 1532 yes votes and 967 no votes. Amendment 3 was opposed by Reynolds County voters 1832-621. Amendment 4 had 1392 no votes and 926 yes votes. Voters were split on Proposition B 1350 yes to 1113 no. Voters opposed Prop C 1599-848. Voters also opposed Prop D 1783-689

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