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Wayne County Election Results

Clearwater School Board

vote for two

David Lawson.                              73

Dennis (Denny) Shearrer        323

Tim Middleton                          101

Vicky Smith                              318

Tylar E. Pinkley                      243


Public Water Supply and Sewerage District No. 4 Question

Yes.   41

No.  39


Clearwater Ambulance District Subdistrict 5 Director

vote for one

No candidates

three write-in votes


Piedmont Mayor

William H. (Bill) Kirkpatrick.  248

Gary G. Ellis                                61

Roger P. Middleton                    12


Williamsville Alderman at-large

vote for two

Nicole Owens      29

Sandy Crites Joy. 29

Write In                2


Williamsville Alderman at-large, 1-year term

Helen Edwards.   35

Lisa Hillis              17


City of Williamsville Question

Yes.    27

No.    24

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