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Washington Democrats seem to hate Trump more than terrorists

By Ray Rehder

America gained another victory in the war on terror when President Trump gave the green light for our military to launch the drone strike that killed Qassem Soleimani two weeks ago.  Prior to his death very few in America had ever heard of him, although we quickly became educated about this terrorist. 

He was the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and was first designated as a terrorist by the United States over a decade ago.  He indirectly commanded a militia of over 20,000 anti-American fighters and is most widely known to have been responsible for many of the attacks that have left over 600 of our service members dead and countless more disabled and disfigured.  Up to the time of his death, he was commanding terror operations throughout the Middle East and poised to murder more of our men and women in uniform. 

Throughout every war and military conflict in American history, the demise of someone like this would have been celebrated by the entire free world.  Instead the reaction to his death was downplayed by the Democrats in Washington in favor of openly criticizing President Trump for everything from not informing Democrat party leaders ahead of time to starting World War III.  It is obvious the Dems are not accustomed to having a Commander in Chief that puts protecting America as his top priority.  Apparently they were happier having Barack Hussein Obama continue to appease terrorists with pallets of cash and only use hollow threats rather than taking actions to save American lives.  It was the policies of that previous administration that contributed to Soleimani’s confidence to openly continue his reign of terror without fear that America would hunt him down.  

Concerning the war on terror, there should only be one side and all Americans should stand united.  However, what the Democrats seem to be saying to the American people, and the world, is they are only against radical Islamic terrorists if President Trump is doing nothing to wipe them out.  It is obvious they are putting their hatred for him ahead of our national security and their words are almost giving the impression they are taking the side of Iran over our citizens.  

And it is very important to understand that Iran is not a neutral country; they have been a sworn enemy of the United States since they stormed our embassy in 1979 and held the members hostage for 444 days.  Furthermore, the Democrats are attempting to persuade the American people that this was an attack on Iran.  The truth is Soleimani, although an Iranian citizen, was killed in Baghdad wearing a military uniform while in the company of several others that were responsible for attacking our embassy days prior.  No matter how the Dems try to spin this, his killing was justified.        

It is not enough for these Democrats to blame our President, but they are now openly working against him and the war on terror by introducing bills in the House and Senate to limit the President’s power in regard to future military action.  These people were elected to represent millions of citizens and make laws to protect us.  Sadly, their only priority is making laws that work against the President.  And based on their previous actions we can all now assume this attack will more than likely be included in their impeachment sham in 2020.     

Ray Rehder is the chair of the 8th District Republican Committee, chair of the Scott County Republican Central Committee, and chair of the 148 Republican Legislative District. He can be reached at



  1. James Eddings on January 20, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    I will never understand the logic of people who want to vote for a billionaire, who appoints other billionaires to his cabinet, to “fix” the corrupt system that made them all billionaires to begin with.

  2. Wes Fox on January 19, 2020 at 3:38 pm

    Trump kills more Americans than terrorists do, by limiting access to health care.

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