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Randazzo to Run for Circuit Judge

Michael Randazzo, practicing prosecuting attorney for Reynolds county, has announced he will run for 42nd Judicial Circuit Judge, Division 2.  Randazzo has served in various roles throughout this region, including as a Municipal Judge for Sullivan, Leadington and Iron Mountain Lake, a City Prosecutor and City Attorney for Arcadia, Leadwood, and Viburnum, as well as serving as a public defender. 

“My experience has allowed me to encounter all kinds of issues across our region and I have seen firsthand the essential need for judges who will dutifully execute the law and enforce consequences that uphold justice,” says Randazzo. “As a Circuit Judge, I will be able to enforce law and order from the judiciary seat to make life better for those living in our community.

After graduating college, Randazzo worked in the Department of Corrections and later worked as a public defender.  The experience showed him what needed to change in the Missouri Court system.  

“We have to end the practice of catch and release,” Randazzo says. “That isn’t helpful to victims, it does nothing for the perpetrator in need of help and reform, and it makes our communities less safe.” 

Born and raised here in the circuit, Randazzo is dedicated to seeing the community safer and the judiciary held to a higher standard.  He and his wife of nearly 15 years, Amanda, are raising their three children here and want to do everything they can to help their family feel protected. 

“This Circuit is a wonderful place to raise a family, but new practices enforced by the Missouri Supreme Court are putting lives and property at risk,” says Randazzo. “Criminals know they can get away with bad behavior and as a result, our safety is being sacrificed to save money in the courts.  As a judge, I will enforce the rule of law and make sure victims have louder voice than the perpetrators.”  

Michael Randazzo and his family live in rural Iron County and attend Bismarck First Baptist Church.  He owns his own law office in Ironton and was recognized on the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 in 2015.  In his free time, he coaches baseball, basketball, and hockey and has worked pro bono with Bismark Community Development and Community Improvement Thru You.  

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