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1/3 of Missourians consider shopping part of their exercise routines, reveals survey

Shop until you…drop? Survey reveals 1/3 of Missourians consider shopping a form of exercise.

Missourians polled say the furthest distance they could run without stopping is 346 meters.

16.2% say they are out of breath after running for public transport.

Fitness levels are only 46% of what they could be.

1 in 5 would rather take the elevator than walk up one flight of stairs.

Interactive map showing results across the US included.

For many of us, it’s our wallets that get the workout when we go shopping, but it seems many Missourians consider a visit to the shops a form of exercise in itself…

Recent headlines have screamed how experts predict half of Americans will be obese by 2030. And a new survey (3,200) by footwear review and resource site, SHOEHERO, found that on average, one third (33%) said they consider shopping to be a part of their exercise routines (we imagine that number grows during the sales, when there is a crazy rush for the check-out queue…)

When broken down by gender, it was found that women are more likely to treat a shopping spree for their season’s new wardrobe as part of their exercise routine than men – 30% compared to 22%.

And the people who puff and pant the most as they whizz around malls are in North Dakota, where a whopping 80% feel they’re getting fitter.

You can see how the rest of America compares with this interactive map. 

And if one of your resolutions this year was to improve your fitness levels, you are not alone, but one of thousands of Americans who are aiming to put on sneakers and start running more… However, quite disappointingly, the survey revealed that the average Missouri resident admits that 346 meters is the furthest they could run without stopping for a break. Perhaps surprisingly, given how much they love the outdoors, it was Alaskans who can run the least distance without stopping at just 58 meters! Comparatively, the good people of the Beehive state appear to be the fittest so far in 2020 – Utahns can run almost half a mile (469 meters) without a break. 

Moreover, it was found that over 1 in 10 (16.2%) respondents admit they are out of breath after running to catch public transport.

When the weather is unpleasant outside, we can be tempted to take the easiest mode of transportation available to get to where we need to be, even if it’s merely drizzling… The survey found that 41% of respondents say they would be put off walking anywhere if it was raining or snowing and would opt to drive instead.

Room for improvement: The surveyed asked at what level they would rate their fitness. The average person admits their fitness level is only 46% of its potential. 

Couples that gym together… Speaking of fitness levels, if you are on a different one compared to your partner, perhaps you would like to increase your physical activity to match up with them. In fact, 42.2% of respondents say they are not compatible with their partner fitness-wise.

Finally, it was revealed that when presented with the choice, 1 in 5 (20%) people would rather take the elevator than walk up one flight of stairs.


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