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Health Center: Wayne County Case Was a False Positive

Wayne County is still COVID-19 free even though one day ago the Health Center announced a positive case. According to Kelsey D’Amico, a RN at the Wayne County Health Center, the test was faulty.

“I wanted to inform you all that we were notified late yesterday afternoon that the positive case from Wayne County may have been one of a group of faulty tests done by a private lab,” D’Amico said. “Because of this, the patient was retested as an outpatient today at the hospital and tested negative for COVID-19. This means that the patient was never truly positive and that Wayne County has ZERO positive cases at this time. I know this has the potential for being frustrating for many, but we are very fortunate to continue to be at zero cases within our county. As of this morning it was reported to us by the Department of Health and Senior Services that there had been 139 tests negative test results for Wayne County. We continue to monitor the county 24/7 and follow up with any positive lab results received.”

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