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Being informed on our candidates is as important as ever

by Ray Rehder

Everyone agrees what happened to George Floyd was wrong and anyone wishing to peacefully protest is fully protected by our constitution as well as supported by the masses.  America is united on this, even though the media refuses to acknowledge it.  The divide is concerning the actions of some of these protesters, which predictably fall almost on party lines. 

Common sense Americans, most of which tend to be Republicans, understand that those upset have the right to peaceful protests but that does not include violence, looting and vandalism.  While Democrats are willing to overlook the lawlessness of many involved for the sake of being seen on the side of social justice.  However, they are not concerned with property being vandalized or destroyed, innocent people’s lives damaged and police officers attacked because it is all in the name of fighting racism.

The main-stream media is largely to blame for the anarchy we are witnessing.  Not only do they refuse to condemn it, but they continually refer to them as peaceful protests while showing videos of violence.  Furthermore, these so-called news networks bring on guests that lecture average citizens on how we need to examine ourselves for racist thoughts and discover how we are benefactors of white privilege.  But that is the liberal main-stream media and we should all be accustomed to that in 2020.

With these professional thugs being handed a platform on national news networks, they have served as inspiration for other riots that have broken out across the country.  As a result, Democrat leaders have immediately jumped on the bandwagon hoping to cater to the radical left-wing voters they shunned when stealing their party’s nomination from Bernie Sanders yet again. 

These are the same Democrat leaders of large cities that just a month ago were arresting law-abiding citizens for reopening their businesses in order to feed their families but are now refusing to arrest the criminals destroying the inner cities.  To add insult to injury, the few that are arrested, most are released without bail free to loot and pillage again, while those given a bond are reportedly being freed largely with money raised by Democrat activists and Hollywood elitists.

Fortunately, we have not seen this in the small communities of rural America that we all love.  But that does not mean some in our communities, including current office holders, have not indirectly helped to contribute to the problem. 

As a dedicated member of Missouri grassroots Republican politics, I have spent countless hours helping Republicans get elected over the years and I try to steer clear of getting involved in Republican primaries.  However, when a sitting State Representative from our own 8th district sponsors a bill that goes against our rural pro-American values, I feel it is important to call attention to it and let the people decide at the ballot box in August. 

This State Representative who is currently running for State Senate, sponsored HB 1767 this year.  This bill essentially gives tax breaks if filming in Missouri to Hollywood elitists, possibly including those helping raise bail money for vandals arrested during the riots.  We can all agree that giving tax breaks to millionaires is a form of corporate welfare.  But giving tax incentives to millionaires that openly oppose our way of life, mock us and contribute to funding the release of dangerous criminals thus putting them back on the streets is the opposite of our rural Missouri values.  Residents of the Show-Me State do not ask for or expect tax credits for us and certainly do not appreciate seeing them go to others from out of state.

Our 8th District can proudly say we have no elected Democrats in Jefferson City.  However, with so many open seats we also have a high number of contested primaries.  And it is not enough for rural Missourians to wait until November to vote, we must inform ourselves of the Republicans running head to head in the August election so we choose the ones that best represents our values, not those of out of state millionaires that only care about us if we are paying to see their movies.                     

Ray Rehder is the chair of the 8th District Republican Committee, chair of the Scott County Republican Central Committee, and chair of the 148 Republican Legislative District. He can be reached at

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