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Pilot Knob Residents Experience Brown Water Over the Weekend

Over the weekend many Pilot Knob residents were experiencing brown water.  Many of the residents went to social media complaining about the problem.  On Sunday afternoon, the City of Pilot Knob issued a statement via Facebook, that said: “Some of our residents are experiencing brown water. We have been flushing hydrants this morning to try and clear it out. This is not due to a water break. Please check your water before doing laundry.”  

Mayor Shelby Chan said that a component on an electrical panel at one of the wells went out, causing the pump to stop functioning.  She said that when the part was replaced and the pumps started back up, there was a jolt in the system causing sediment in the line to filter through, causing the brown coloration to the water.  

Chan said, “we never want to have brown water, we [city officials] live here, and we don’t want to ever have this problem.”

Chan said that the city is working on replacing many old parts in the water system.  She urges residents to run water through the line to clear it if this occurs again.  

If you experience brown water in your home, you should call City Hall at 573-546-2175 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. to report the problem.  If it is after hours, you can call Non-Emergency Dispatch at 573-546-4000.  At a last resort, report the problem via Facebook at the city’s Facebook page ‘City of Pilot Knob’.  Chan says that if you report the problem via Facebook, it may not be seen in a timely manner.

Chan says there is no boil water order at this time. 


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