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Unico Bank Officials Temporarily Close Bismarck Location as Precaution to COVID-19

Officials with Unico Bank closed the Bismarck location Tuesday, as what is described as “an abundance of caution” in regards to COVID-19.  

Chief Financial Officer Nancy Yount said, “we were notified by an employee that she had close contact with a positive case.”  “At the time of the closure no employees at that office had tested positive,” said Yount.   

According to Yount, management felt that the responsible thing to do was to err on the side of extreme caution and quarantine the employees at that location until pending test results were received.  

The facility has been thoroughly disinfected, and will resume full bank services through the drive up Wednesday morning with staff from another location.  

“In today’s environment we feel that we can’t be too careful,” said Yount.  “Protecting our customers and staff is our number one priority and we will follow every guideline from the CDC to ensure that our environment is safe for both,” she said.

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