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Sixth Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in Iron County

A sixth confirmed case of COVID-19 has been announced by the Iron County Health Department.  

The individual has been contacted and is at home in isolation.  The health department says that this case is related to the outbreak at the ERDCC facility in Bonne Terre, MO.  Contact tracing has been initiated in accordance with the CDC guidelines.   The health department is in the process of contacting all close contacts.

This makes the third new case of COVID-19 since Friday, July 17.  

Heidi Wharton, Ircon County Health Department Administrator says these are the only three active cases in the county. “We are currently monitoring the active cases as well as their close contacts,” she said.

Heidi says the fourth confirmed case on Friday is currently at home in isolation.  The fifth case, which was reported on Sunday, July 19 is currently hospitalized.  Contact tracing is currently happening to contact all close contacts of these individuals.  

“Cases are on the rise in all of the surrounding counties, as well as the state,” says Heidi.  “So it is possible that we will see more cases in the coming months.   To predict how many more, while I wish we could, is impossible.  We do ask that everyone take as many precautions as possible to prevent the spread,” she said.

The Iron County Health Department says that there is no public exposure to report in regards to these cases.  



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