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Arcadia Valley Schools Faced with COVID-19

Released late Monday night, Arcadia Valley Schools announced that one staff member has tested positive for COVID-19.

Office staff returned on Monday to learn that the staff member that tested positive for COVID-19 also came in contact with three other office staff and administrators.  Superintendent Dr. Brian Beard said, “the individuals have been placed under quarantine based on the COVID-19 protocol from the Iron County Health Department.”

Beard said that the individual who tested positive had no contact with any students at this point and all other individuals who they had close contact with have been notified by the Iron County Health Department. 

The individual that tested positive was on campus two days prior to ever having any symptoms, but according to health guidelines, an individual could be contagious 48 hours before ever having any symptoms.

“This is going to make for an interesting year,” said Beard.  “Please know that we are trying everything we can to be able to provide a safe and effective learning environment for your children for the 2020-2021 school year,” he said. 

“Daily, we will be disinfecting and sanitizing the school using hydrostatic sprayers with disinfectant with 1 minute kill time to the Coronavirus,” said Beard.

As of now, offices in the district are closed to visitors, except for new student enrollment.  Students who are new to the district can still pick up and drop off enrollment packets in each of the building offices.

Beard said, “currently this year there are still two options for learning, which include traditional on campus learning and the virtual learning program from home.”  An email has been sent out to parents to explain how to enroll in the virtual program as well as more information about the program.  Beard said that the full re-entry plan will be released on the district’s website, emailed out to parents, and on the district’s Facebook page by next Monday, Aug. 10.

Beard said that he is aware that even with all the protocols the district puts in place, attending on campus learning will introduce a greater risk of exposure to students and families as well as staff to the COVID-19 virus.

Information about changes to open house and building registration will be coming soon as well.  Beard said that plans can change daily or even hourly as to what 2020-2021 will look like as they try their best to educate the students. 

The first day of school is slated for Aug. 25.

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