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Iron County Sees Additional Case of COVID-19

Another additional case of COVID-19 has been announced by the Iron County Health Department.

Officials say that this makes 19 positive cases so far, with 13 cases currently active.

Questions have been asked by Iron County residents as to where exactly the cases lie.  The answer by the health department is “it is everywhere”.   They say that while there may not be a documented positive case in a couple zip codes, that does not mean that there is not a positive that just hasn’t been tested that lives there.

Surrounding counties continue to rise as well.  St. Francois County currently has 320 cases, Washington County has 60, Reynolds County has 16, Wayne County has 44 and Madison County has 17.

It is encouraged that you take precautions no matter where you are.  The health department says that the best thing to do, is pretend everyone has it and take precautions as if they do.  Wear face coverings/masks when in public as well as practice social distancing.  Practice good hygiene, stay home if you are sick, and contact your physician if you feel you may have come into contact with COVID-19.

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