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The View from my Seat

By: Ray Rehder

The Democratic National Convention was held last week.  For the most part the only Americans that tuned in were those with a sheep mentality of following anything put before them.  Since most in rural Missouri were intelligent enough not to watch, let me sum up the highlights.  Every speaker blamed President Trump for the evils in America dating back to our country’s founding, many other problems in our society were pointed out with no solutions offered, everyone is racist except Democrats (including covid 19) and the promise of everything being free was the bait used to persuade the uninformed to vote Democrat.

For the wise ones that chose not to watch, let me educate you on who our enemy actually is.  And yes the Democrat Party has become the enemy of rural America because their goal is removing our God-given freedoms and changing our country into something we do not want.

In typical Democrat identity politics fashion, they chose Kamala Harris as the running mate for Joe Biden.  Creepy Joe did not choose her himself because with his rapidly deteriorating mental state he likely is unable to choose the clothes he wears daily.  Harris was chosen partially because Slow Joe stuck his foot in his mouth this summer when he promised to name a woman of color as his VP selection.  And this falls right in line with who the national Democrat Party has become because they love to use race to divide America.

The Vice President of the United States is the second most powerful person in the world and should be chosen based on their capability to step into the Oval Office and lead our nation if something happens to the Commander in Chief.   Which is highly likely to happen on January 21st (if Biden somehow manages to defeat President Trump in November) based on Biden’s inability to form more than one coherent sentence without the aid of a teleprompter.  Furthermore, this person is traditionally someone from a swing state to help sway the voters of that state toward their ticket based on their qualifications and popularity.

Harris checks none of these boxes.  As much as they would prefer to call her an African American, they cannot do that.  With her father being from Jamaica and her mother from India, she does not fit that narrative.  Will the Democrats and the media start referring to her as an Indian-American, an Asian-American, a Jamaican-American or a Caribbean-American?  Based on her socialist views maybe they should just call her a California-American.

Her selection shows how the Democrat Party now more than ever resembles a large group of white privileged kids that went to grade school with no minorities.  After entering Junior High they vote for every minority running for student council for the sole purpose of proving they are not racists.  Because in their eyes it is more important to choose someone that looks different than them instead of the person best suited for the position.

Since the Democrat Party feels that identity politics is more important than actual qualifications to lead the greatest country God has given the world, the real question is will they carry these values into their personal lives?  If any of them, hypothetically, were rushed to the hospital in need of emergency surgery to live, would they allow the most qualified surgeon to do what is needed to save their lives, or would they insist on a less qualified minority doctor to perform the same operation?

Any of them saying they would choose a minority over another that is highly qualified is a lying dog-faced pony soldier.  But that is the Democrat Party in the 21st century.  Qualifications mean much less to them than the public’s perception of “doing the right thing”.

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