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Health Department Closed Until Next Week

The Iron County Health Department has closed to the general public due to COVID-19.

In a press release sent out last Tuesday, Sept. 1, the department would be closed until Sept. 14 due to a staff member testing positive for the virus.  

“We feel this is the best option to protect the citizens of our county,” Administrator Heidi Wharton said.  

“Our essential staff will still be in the office to take calls and do contact tracing and case investigation on COVID-19 cases while our office is closed,” she said.  “This also includes services we can provide over the telephone.”

“We are working closely with our local, regional, and state partners to accommodate clients that will need certain services before we reopen,” said Wharton.  

She said that she realizes this may inconvenience some, but the department feels this is the best decision to protect their clients and county citizens.  

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