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Womble Sworn In as Next Iron County Clerk

In an announcement on Tuesday by Presiding County Commissioner Jim Scaggs, he said, “I received confirmation from Gov. Michael L. Parson at 10 a.m. and effective Sept. 1, 2020, Marsha Womble has been appointed Iron County Clerk.”

At noon on Sept. 1, Womble, of Middlebrook, was sworn in as the next County Clerk of Iron County by Judge Scott Schrum.  In less than a minute, she was sworn in and took the oath of office.   

Womble’s appointment comes after former Iron County Clerk Stephanie Lebron resigned in mid Aug.  Since then, Scaggs has been working diligently with the governor’s office to get a new County Clerk in office.  

“I contacted the Governor’s Office and the Secretary of State to inform them of the resignation,” Scaggs said.  “The Iron County Republican Committee called a special meeting to consider possible candidates to recommend to the Governor.  The Committee submitted Marsha Womble to the Governor’s Office,” he said.  

Scaggs said he communicated the importance of moving forward with the appointment of Womble once her name was submitted.  He said that he was concerned that if the appointment was not made soon, the November election and now the Special Election may not occur.

Womble had recently left the County Clerk’s office after serving for nearly 24 years.  “Jim Goggins hired me as the Voter Registration/Elections Clerk in 1996 and that is the position I held until Virginia Queen became County Clerk in 2007,” said Womble.  “I then became the Accounts Payable and Payroll Clerk, which was also the Chief Deputy Clerk,” she said.  

Womble says she found out about the possible appointment when the Republican Committee contacted her and asked if she would consider being appointed as the County Clerk.  “I talked with my family and prayed about it.  I decided to accept and began the process of applying for it with Governor Parson’s office,” she said.  “The Governor’s office called me Monday and told me that I have officially been appointed and it was my discretion on the date.  Knowing there were deadlines for the upcoming elections, I chose to begin on September 1, 2020,” Womble said.

“My family has been very supportive.  Making the decision to accept the appointment will affect all of us.  I wouldn’t have made this decision without their support,” Womble said.

Womble is already getting her feet wet by organizing and preparing for the upcoming elections.  “I want to restore confidence in Iron County’s election process,” she said.    

“My first concern is making sure the upcoming elections go smoothly,” Womble said.  “At this point, I’m not sure what else needs to immediately be addressed.   I’m confident that with the help of everyone at the courthouse and Secretary of State’s Office, we will figure it out and get things back on track.”

“I’m just taking it one day at a time right now.  And like everyone else, I’m trying to make the best of 2020,” Womble said.

Womble is asking that everyone be patient with the County Clerk’s office.  “I’m sure we will be asked lots of questions during the upcoming elections and we may not know the answers right off.  However, we do have resources and will research to get answers as soon as we can,” she said.  

If there are concerns about whether or not you are a registered voter in Iron County, contact the Iron County Clerk’s office or utilize the Secretary of States website   

“We are almost always in need of Poll Workers.  I would encourage anyone interested in being a poll worker to please contact the County Clerk’s office,” said Womble.  

“Marsha has many years of experience in the operations of the County Clerk’s office and Iron County Government,” Scaggs said.  “I’m positive that Marsha will impact the office of County Clerk in a positive outcome by serving the citizens of Iron County.  The Commissioners look forward to working with the new County Clerk as we move forward together and never looking back,” he said.

Roughly 20 people showed up to witness Womble’s swearing in, including her family.

Womble will carry out Lebron’s term for the next two years.

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