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The view from my seat

By Ray Rehder

There is one thing we can say about the Democrat Party, they stick together.  Not only when it comes to their votes but they also get their talking points and march lock-step with what their leadership expects them to say.  Every time a microphone is in front of them, they are faithful to tow the latest party line.

It started with how Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election and over the past three plus years they fixated on how Trump separated immigrant families at the border and put children in cages, the infamous quid pro quo with the Ukraine and that he is a Russian agent, among others.  All the while the claims he is a racist, because in 21st century politics a racist is the favorite term for Democrats to call someone they dislike but have no ability to defeat them in the arena of ideas.

For the past four years, the Democrat Party with their “get Trump” agenda has racked up more failures than a Jimmy Carter economic plan.  After they let Creepy Joe out of the basement to read from a teleprompter a few times the past couple weeks, it looks like they are tipping their hand at their latest soon to be failed attempt to take down President Trump.

Sleepy Joe claims if our President would have handled the China virus more responsibly it would have saved tens of thousands of American lives.  Again, for the uninformed citizen that is a great sound bite, but in traditional Democrat nature he made this baseless claim with no evidence or solution.  Anyone can look back on when the China virus pandemic began and play Monday morning quarterback, but even Biden and the Democrat Party can offer nothing they would have done different.  And predictably the main-stream media has yet to ask Biden what he would have done had he been the Commander in Chief.

The Democrats claim President Trump did not act quickly enough, but when he issued the travel ban from China they immediately called him racist.  This act alone saved countless lives however no Democrat would have had the gall to enact such a bold move to prevent the virus from infiltrating our county further.

For some reason the main-stream media believes New York is the center of the universe and they took that state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo’s incoherent rantings at his daily press conference as the gospel of the China Virus.  But none questioned him as to why he let his state’s ventilators run low or his executive order that sent patients with the China virus to nursing homes to inflect the vulnerable, ultimately issuing them a death sentence and causing many unnecessary deaths.  But somehow according the Democrats Cuomo’s failures are President Trump’s fault.

While the media and the Democrats blamed our President for the high death rates due to the failures of Democrat ran states like New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, they never mentioned the successes of red states like Texas, Florida, and South Dakota.  Instead what they decide to fixate on how they can pin this unexpected and relatively unknown virus on Mr. Trump.

This global pandemic, as this was first thought to be, is looking more like an excuse to harm Trump but in reality cannot be blamed on him or anyone else.  As we have learned more than we knew at the time of the initial outbreak, this has not been the bubonic plague of the 21st century as the media tried to portray it.  This was something no world leader could have been prepared for and the President of the United States, no matter what party he belongs to, is not responsible for each state’s lack of preparation.

That does not stop Biden and the Democrats from blaming the failures of every Democrat led state on President Trump solely for the purpose of political gains while claiming he should have done more and issued further nation-wide mandates to prevent the spread.  But this goes against everything they have shown to stand for.  As much as the Democrat Party loves to remove local and state authority and give additional power to the federal government, the last thing any Democrat wants is President Trump to have more control.

Had the Democrats controlled the White House during the outbreak of the China virus this would have been a given for them to remove more authority from the states and put in their incapable hands.  However, considering their inept ability to handle anything with success, the China virus, with the help of their allies in the media, probably would have been a non-story after just a couple weeks.

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