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Opportunistic Take of Feral Hogs

The US Army Corps of Engineers will allow opportunistic take of feral hogs during deer and turkey hunting seasons. Hunters taking feral swine must possess a valid unfilled deer or turkey hunting permit for the season being hunted and abide by the methods of hunting allowed for those seasons.
Opportunistic take is authorized with a special use permit that can be obtained from the Wappapello Lake Website, Facebook page and Management Office during business hours. Any successful take of feral hogs must be reported to the Wappapello Lake Office within seven days by calling (573) 222-8562. See special use permit for more details.
Lands leased to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Missouri Department of Conservation are exempt from this permit and hunters must follow the regulations set by those agencies in regard to hunting and opportunistic take of feral hogs.
If you have any questions regarding feral hogs or wildlife management practices at Wappapello Lake please contact the Natural Resources Department, Wappapello Lake, at (573)-222-8562.

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