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South Iron Beats Ellington In Four Sets

The South Iron Volleyball team beat Ellington Sept. 24 in a four-game match. The win improved the Lady Panthers’ record to 8-5-1.
South Iron lost the first set 20-25. They rebounded and won the next three sets to claim the win—25-12, 25-16, and 25-15.
“We recognized our senior, Hailey Pauley, before our game against Ellington,” said Coach Adriann D’Amico. “There is always lots of good energy on senior night.”
 We dropped the first set to Ellington 20-25,” D’Amico continued. “The next three sets, the girls did a great job of refocusing and playing our game. As a team, they did a great job of communicating on the floor and covering each other up. We dug a lot of balls out of the net and played off of each other very well. There were several times our girls were getting a hand on a ball, teammates stepping in to take care of it, and another teammate sending it over the net with either a hit or well placed ball. Those are things we have been really working on.”
Hailey Pauley led the team in serving with 27 serve attempts and 5 aces. She also contributed 13 digs and had 3 assists.
Madison Ayers had 25 service receptions and 19 digs. Alyssa Bennett contributed 10 kills and 2 aces to our team win.
“Enzley Dinkins and Megan Lashley had some nice hits that brought us some big momentum in the 2nd and 3rd set.” D’Amico said. “Drew Gayle was big on the front line with blocking. She recorded 3 solo blocks but had several touches. Anna Parker and Grace Funk did a great job contributing digs and receptions for our team as well. I am very proud of how well our girls played team ball last night.”
Drew Gayle led the team in kills with 14 and Megan Lashley had 12.
Enzley Dinkins was top in assists with 23, and Drew Gayle had 17.
Enzley Dinkins 1 solos block and  1 assist. Madison Ayers had 1 assist.
Hailey Pauley hd five aces, Drew Gayle had four, and Megan Lashley 3.
Madison Ayers had 19 digs and  Megan Lashley had 18. Drew Gayle, Enzley Dinkins, and Hailey Pauley each had 13 digs.

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