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Reflections from the Road

By Rick Mansfield

“Today is a day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”  From Psalms, this is one of my favorite passages of scripture.  A great reminder of our many blessings and a wonderful way to start each day with a positive attitude.

And starting each day with a positive attitude is becoming increasingly difficult; ending the day with one even more so.  Our airwaves are inundated with divisiveness and misinformation.  Our mail has flyer after flyer selling doctrine and dogma; mattresses and social services.

Shortly after people read this we will be casting our ballots in a very important election cycle.  At least some of us will.  There are those that would have you believe the destiny of our country is at stake.  They are right.  There are those that would have us believe the world will end if certain specific people and agendas do not prevail.  They are wrong.

Democracy, certainly even representative democracies such as ours, are dependent upon our input.  That input should be based on reason and thinking; on facts and data.  We all bring our own experiences and biases to the table.  Myself; no exception.

We would be led to believe that the world has significantly changed, and that mores of the past are no longer in vogue and no longer acceptable nor applicable to today’s challenges.  I could not disagree more.

God’s word has not changed.  Nor will it.  Our Federal constitution has been amended, and has within it the process to be amended again.  I would encourage all to review these two documents and then consider the opposing political platforms.

Forget commercials and Internet hype.  Look at the actions of the candidates but even more so, look at the platforms, the beliefs, they represent.  Then use your brain and your conscience to make your decisions.  And then vote.

I am a conservative Christian country-boy that believes marriage is as decreed by God between a man and a woman.   That human life is precious at any age and should be protected.  That our environment is literally a gift from our Creator and should so respected and thus protected.  One could argue that the parties have left me and my kind.

One should then ask—“What have I done to shape my party?”  Either party?  What candidates have I sought out and supported?  What platforms and “planks” have I pushed for and encouraged?

I will pray and cast my votes.  I will then pray for the strength and wisdom to accept the outcome.  The will of the people.  Regardless of whether my preferences prevail; I will pray for these newly elected public servants.  For them to have wisdom, courage and peace.

And life will go on.  America will continue to be the greatest nation on this earth.  It will continue to be blessed by our Lord; as will we.  I will endeavor to see that within my small sphere of influence, it will continue to strive and serve Him.

I will continue to write stories, and even expand into online videos, that promote His teachings and the traditions established by the courage and wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  To share a culture that made this truly a land for freedom, eventually for all, as well of opportunity.

I will continue to attempt to bring history alive through storytelling so future generations can learn from our achievements and our mistakes.  And I will continue to, each day, “rejoice and be glad in it.”  Thanks for joining us!

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