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Arcadia Valley Schools Extend Off Campus Learning

Off campus learning is being extended at Arcadia Valley Schools.  On Saturday, the district announced that the off campus learning would be continued this coming week, Nov. 2 through Nov. 6. 

“Over the last week our cases of students and staff testing positive has seen a dramatic increase,” said the release from the district.  The district said that they have been in communication with the Iron County Health Department.  Based on the increase of positive COVID-19 cases and talking with the health department, the district decided to slow the spread by extending the off campus learning.  

The district said in the release the remote learning activities (Alternative Methods of Instruction) will be as follows:

Monday’s and Tuesday’s lessons are already preloaded on students’ chromebooks and are available without the need for Internet access​.  Students will turn these lessons in on the next day they are back on campus.

Monday – AMI #4

Tuesday – AMI #5

Wednesday through Friday’s lessons and videos will be available on the teacher’s Google Classroom pages.  Information on Google Meets for help sessions will also be available.  These lessons and meets will require Internet access.  If you indicated on your form at the beginning of the year that you did not have Internet access, we will have flash drives for students with the lessons/videos loaded on them for distribution.  Please contact your child’s building office if you have lost Internet access since the beginning of school and they will get you set up with a flash drive.  Wifi Internet access can also be obtained at the HS Gym Parking Lot for anyone interested in accessing and downloading the lessons there.

Wednesday – AMI #6

Thursday – AMI #7

Friday – AMI #8

If your child is in the virtual learning platform, they will continue on that platform at this time and will not need to complete the AMI lessons.

The district will continue to serve drive-through breakfast and lunch in the elementary school loop between Noon and 1 p.m.  This is free to all children 0 to 18 years of age.

The district said to contact your child’s building office if they can be of any assistance.  “We know this is hard on children and families.  The safety of our students, staff, and community will remain our priority,” said the release. 

Faculty and staff will be on campus working and available to be contacted through email as well.

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