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Wayne County Nutrition Center News

By Jeannette Cox
Wayne County Nutrition Center
We are finally climbing out of the frigid temperatures, at least for a while!  Some say that we are in for another round in a couple of weeks, but I think I will pass!  We hope you have been able to stay safe and warm.  We hated having to close the Nutrition Center, but felt it necessary to keep our seniors safe; also the staff and volunteers.  We certainly missed everyone.  Just a reminder that in the event of inclement weather, any Center closing will be aired on KFVS-12, and posted on Facebook.
    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we feel the need to reach out to our seniors in Wayne County.  Administrator Beth Rogers would like to explain how the senior programs work.
III-C Progam:
    This is for seniors 60 years of age or older.  There are no income requirements for this program.  There are, however, rules.  These rules can be bent, but never broken.  For this program, you must be considered homebound.
    – You must be assessed by the Center or one of the supporting staff.
    – This assessment is required annually.  Each client is allowed to make an anonymous donation for their meals.  The suggested donation is $4 per meal; so for 5 meals, $20 per week.
    – No one is denied a meal if the client qualifies.
    – Each meal must meet 1/3 of the recommended daily dietary allowance.
    – If you live within the city limits of Williamsville, you will receive a hot meal each week day.
    – If you live out in the county, you will be delivered a box of 5 frozen meals once per week.  You will be on a delivery schedule of Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; based upon where you reside.
Medicaid Program:
This program is for those on Medicaid, who are 63 years of age or older.
    – You must meet the guidelines set forth by Medicaid, to qualify for this program.
    – Spend-down does not qualify for this program.
    – You must be homebound and at a physical level of care that reaches 18 or greater, as assessed by the Division of Aging.
    – Medicaid reimburses the Center for the meals delivered on this program, so the senior does NOT make a donation for their meals.
    – Each meal must meet 1/3 of the recommended daily dietary allowance, same as the III-C meals.
If you have any questions regarding either of these programs, please feel free to call the WCNC and speak to Administrator Beth Rogers, at 573-998-2544.  She will be happy to assist you.  Each week as I wrap up the artcle, I remind you that $20 will feed a senior for a week.  The III-C Program is what is being referred to.  We want our seniors to continue receiving the meals they enjoy, and need.
    For the county delivery routes of frozen meals, we will be delivering two weeks of meals at a time, for the next two weeks.  This is due to the weather conflict.
    Since the weather has interrupted our scheduled menu, we will not be following the menu you may have.  We will be preparing meals from our existing inventory of meats.  You may call the Center if you would like to check the menu for any day.  Volunteers are on hand to answer phones by 10:00 a.m., so as not to disturb the kitchen staff.  I can let you know that Wednesday, February 24, is Fried Chicken; Thursday, February 25, is Roast Beef; and Friday, February 26, is Fish, Shrimp, and Frog Legs.  The 26th is also Birthday Cake day.  While all meals are great, if you have not had the Roast Beef, you must!  If is amazing!  I would consider it some of the very best I have ever eaten.
    The Valentine Lunch Fundraiser has been rescheduled for Sunday, February 28, 12:00-2:00 p.m.  The menu is Fried Chicken and all the Fixins.  Adults are $10; Ages 5-10, $5; Under 5 are Free.  Hope to see you there!!
    Friday, April 9, will be BINGO!  We will run from 5:00-9:00 p.m.  Mark your calendar now!

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