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Greenville Alumni officers to resign

The officers of the Greenville Alumni Association have submitted their resignations effective at the close of the May 29, 2021 banquet.

“We all are ready to let it go,” confirmed Association President David Bollinger.

Bollinger has served the Association as officer for twenty-one years, with seventeen years as President.  Amelia (Leach) White has served sixteen years as Secretary, Amber (Beckett) Sturgeon has served sixteen years as Treasurer and Angie (Sanders) Cook has served four years as Vice-President.

“We feel there is another group of people who want to serve as officers, and we hope they have success extending the banquet into the future” said Bollinger. “It seems there is a vision of extending the invitations to attend the banquet to anyone who attended Greenville school. This has never been the policy of the Association, and I cannot support that. So many people have upheld our by-laws for many years and turned the Greenville Alumni banquet into the most successful local Alumni Association around. I am of the frame of mind, “if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it”.

“Some have mentioned the Alumni banquet is slowly dying, and that may be true” said Bollinger. “We certainly do not have anyone attending the banquet on a regular basics younger than us four officers. But our attendance stays around the same from year to year, anywhere from 225 to 250. And in my twenty-one years of being an officer I can document around 115 alumni members who have passed away that attended the banquet, and that is not counting their spouses and guests. So somewhere along the way new graduates had to start attending and filling the holes to maintain our average attendance from year to year”.

The officers are asking that if any Alumni member wants to nominate anyone for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer for the 2022 banquet, please sign and mail the nominations to; Greenville Alumni Association, PO Box 174, Greenville, MO. 63944. The secretary will present the nominations to the alumni members at the 2021 banquet for voting.

“On behalf of myself and the other officers, we want to say ‘thank you’ to all of the Greenville Alumni members who have put your trust in us for so many years” said Bollinger. “We are forever grateful, and it has been a privilege to serve the Association.”

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