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South Iron Students Win Awards at BRL Art Show

The Black River League Art Show was held at South Iron R-1 April 8 and 9th. South Iron students brought home 22 first places, 19 second places, 22 third places, and one best of show.

Winners from South Iron were:


Gracie Niehaus-2nd in Drawing, 2nd in Printmaking, 3rd in Crafts

Rebecca Ruble-3rd in Drawing, 3rd in Printmaking, 2nd in Sculpture, 2nd in Ceramics, 1st in Digital

Samantha Daly-3rd in Fibers, 1st in Printmaking

Trevor Davis- 3rd place in Ceramics, 2nd in Digital

Art 1

Katlyn Hawkins-2nd place in Fibers

Enzley Dinkins-3rd place in Painting

Amberlyn McCormick-1st in Printmaking

Alyssa Bennett- 2nd place in Printmaking, 2nd place in Printmaking, 1st in Multimedia

Maddisyn Mills-3rd Printmaking, 1st in Ceramics

Emmalee Kelley-1st Color drawing

Jenna Horn-3rd in Color drawing

Madison Warncke- 2nd in Sculpture

Emma Griffith-2nd in Multimedia, 3rd in Digital

Benji German- 3rd in Multimedia

Damon Forrest- 3rd in Crafts

6-8th grade

Paige German-3rd place in Design

Emily Gayle-3rd in Fibers, 1st in Sculpture

Kaeleigh Johnson-1st place in Painting

Paige Meador-1st place in Printmaking

Rose Armstead-2nd Color Drawing, 3rd in Ceramics

Kyley Meinhardt-3rd in Color Drawing, 2nd in Digital

Caden Silvey-2nd in Sculpture

Mckenna Trollinger-1st in Ceramics

Malachi Derbrect-2nd in Ceramics

Henry Smith-2nd place in Multimedia

Neveah Sanders-1st place in Crafts

Payton Blankenship-3rd place in Digital

3-5th grade

Kaylin Walker-1st in Black and White Drawing

Kasen Dinkins-3rd in Fiber

Clara Williams-1st in Printmaking

Abigail Derbredt-3rd in Color Drawing

Kathryn Hackworth-2nd in Sculpture

Kinley MIddleton-1st in Ceramics

Blake Dunlap-2nd place in Ceramics

Livia Adams-3rd place in Ceramics

Ellie Parker-1st in Multimedia

Easton Brown-1st place in Crafts

Austin Sullivan-3rd place in Crafts

K-2nd grade

Hunter Bone-1st in Design

Ashley Browers-1st in Fibers

Ayla Moody-2nd place in Painting

Kelsey Hazlett- 1st in Printmaking

Dylan Forrest -1st in Color Drawing and Best of Show over all for K-2 in Fibers

Addyson Murray- 1st in Sculpture

Adrianna Davis- 1st in Ceramics

Jayce Moody-2nd in Ceramics

Bentley Savage-3rd in Ceramics

Leslie White-2nd in Multimedia

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