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Pasquet to Speak Sunday at Williamsville First Baptist Church

John Pasquet will deliver the message Sunday morning at 11 a.m. at Williamsville First Baptist Church. Pasquet recently published a book, The Essence—A Guided Journey of Discovery Through the Bible. The book is available available on Amazon.

JOHN PASQUET grew up in his younger years on Air Force bases across the United States. In fact, he was actually “made in Taiwaan,” but born in America. His parents were strong Christians who were always deeply involved in church. His dad always taught Bible studies or Sunday School classes, and his mom is a true prayer warrior. So, John started with a deeper understanding of the Scriptures than most people.

Then in college he was deeply influenced by the Navigator ministry. After college, he spent some time with Crusade and even spent two years as a missionary with them in Ukraine. John attended a really strong church as well, which significantly helped me in my knowledge of the Word. For more than a decade now, John has been involved with ministry to international students and scholars, reading the Bible with them, and helping them see the truth of God’s message to them.

John never really thought he would ever become an author, but it seemed that God really had His hand in it, but that’s another story.

He enjoy reading, playing the piano and guitar, singing, a bit of woodworking, and playing basketball whenever there isn’t a pandemic going on.

John’s book will take you on a personal, guided journey of discovery through some of the most essential passages of Scripture. The significance of each will be revealed, and  you will begin to understand how everything fits together. You will se Jesus as the offspring of a woman, the Passover Lamb, the Bread from Heaven, the Water from the rock, the Abandoned One, the Shepherd’s Shepherd, the Suffering Son, the virgin’s Son, and so much more.
“In the end, will hopefully come to know and love both God and His Word more deeply,” Pasquet said.

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