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Failure of Duty

After the unfolding disaster that we have all witnessed in Afghanistan, the American people expect – and the families of the Marines who were killed deserve – accountability for such catastrophic failures. Tens of billions of dollars in equipment were left for the Taliban. Rooftop helicopter evacuations were required at our own Embassy. American citizens were abandoned and told to fend for themselves. 13 Marines were murdered by terrorists. But not one person has been removed from their position in either the State Department or the Department of Defense. That’s unacceptable. By choosing not to hold anyone accountable, you can only conclude that what has occurred is entirely supported by this administration. This failure of leadership can continue no longer. Joe Biden needs to resign.

American presidents are supposed to represent the best of our nation, bringing us together in good times and bad. When a national or global crisis occurs, most Americans look to our elected leaders for clarity, for assurance, and for comfort. As the tragic events in Afghanistan continue to unfold, do any of you feel unified? Comforted? Or even safer? Unfortunately, President Biden and his administration have failed on all these counts.

After 20 years of U.S. forces fighting in Afghanistan, the majority of Americans agreed it was time for the men and women of our military to come home, and I include myself in that category. However, the way in which we exited was dangerous, uncoordinated, lacked leadership, and ended tragically as a result. To make matters worse, these terrorists seized the military equipment we left behind in working order. As President Biden said, the buck stops with him and this is a leadership failure that falls squarely on his shoulders.

Utilizing our bases and remaining resources, we could have effectively evacuated all those who needed to leave. Additionally, our troops should have been able to continue their support of the Afghan military with targeted strikes, intelligence, and supplies, instead of being abandoned by the very country that promised to protect them.

The few times Joe Biden spoke, he blamed the Afghan people for his failure, blamed the media for covering it, and even went so far as to try and blame it all on President Trump. On the rare occasion he answered any questions, he only took ones pre-selected by his staff. Joe Biden told the president of Afghanistan that all of this was nothing more than a “perception” problem and there was a need to “project a different picture.” Maybe so, because the reality of the picture right now is shameful and embarrassing. This is not a “historic success” as the President and his staff would suggest, but instead a tragic undoing of America’s powerful presence on the world stage. And the work isn’t done, hundreds of Americans and thousands of our allies are still trapped in Afghanistan.

The truth is, the failures of President Biden aren’t limited to just Afghanistan. In less than a year, Joe Biden has added trillions to our nation’s debt causing record levels of inflation, which is both a tax increase and a pay cut to working class families. He’s kept millions of people out of work by paying them to stay home. He’s created a crisis at our southern border by broadcasting to the world that he no longer intended to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, resulting in over 1 million illegal border crossings and putting over 11 million illegal immigrants in direct competition with American workers. And from his first day in office, Joe Biden has ended American energy independence, forcing us to once again be reliant on foreign governments for our energy needs.

The American people deserve better than Joe Biden as their President.


  1. Anonymous on December 26, 2021 at 4:46 pm

    I see nothing in this article that shows Jason is doing anything at al for the people for Southern Missouri, other than inciting them over things they have no control over and that mean little to people having a hard time just living hand-to-mouth, in a country made weaker by Reaganomics and endless wars for profit and tax cuts for the already rich.

  2. Anonymous on October 28, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Absolutely correct in all respects. The democrat party of today is not the same party from years past. Democrats need to wake up and really see what their party has become.

  3. Anonymous on October 14, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    It’s my opinion that our senators should only serve 4 years , but we have ones like Roy Blunt who have been in office for years. And didn’t do a single thing for the American people . But the House of Representatives is just as bad. You would think they would be available to us, but even sending an email just gets you a standard email back and they don’t talk about what you wrote at all. You can tell it’s a standard email. You call to make an apt to speak to someone in our capital and you will get a secretary who can only take a message or a intern or volunteer who either has to ask someone else or just doesn’t know the answer to your questions. I say clean out all of them . Don’t let them become millionaires because of what title they are . And we the people pay for everything . Clean out everyone and start over with people who our problems and who will know what’s going on with the American people.
    And yes Biden needs to be removed but we don’t need Camela in there either she would let the boarder be open and all of those illlegals get Medicare and All our benefits we have WORKED for. For those who voted for Biden and her in the first place don’t you feel stupid now. Our justice system is Terrible and Missouri governor aren’t helping the families of inmates who need to be released even if they have to wear an ankle braclet. This parole board and our system need to listen to the inmates and families. Why are we letting out hundreds of sex offenders of our children who have sentences of 250 years or even 5” years and they are repeat offenders some for the same crime some with different crimes and mulesting . But yet our guards treat them like something on their shoe. And they are letting the inmates who have drug charges and sex offenders.
    And the children of today have NO RESPECT for their parents who have deseases or are On their death bed, if they don’t respect their parents they also think the laws of today don’t apply to them. I have always worked for what I have but this generation thinks we the world owe them . Food stamps, energy help , house or apts . Work for your self . But we need to care more for our elderly and cancer patients and other medical problems. The standards these people have is way below the poverty level. Don’t you

    • Anonymous on March 31, 2022 at 12:53 am

      You should try spell check. No I don’t feel stupid voting for Biden. After 4 long years listening to Trumps made up horseshit, him trying to dismantle NATO, being ol Vladimir the authoritarian butcher of Mariupol’s good buddy, plotting a coup to overthrow the rightfully elected president.
      Who is Camela? You mean Kamala? You must have it tuned into Fox news 24/7. Why don’t you try and get your information that your going to vomit out on this thread from more than one source. Maybe actually read something that doesn’t just validate your incoherent opinion.
      Wtf is a boarder? Do you mean borders? I bet you would vote against free college education for our children.
      What if caring for the elderly involves them receiving food stamps, or Medicare, or energy assistance, or nutrition assistance. Aren’t all of those things a form of government assistance subsidized by the taxpayers? Oh yes all the illegals… Mulesting??? Is that something that involves a Mule? You mean Molesting? I cant believe I even responded to his ridiculous post.

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