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Greenville R-2 Plans New Administrative Building

The Greenville R-2 Board of Education is planning a new administrative building. Construction is not slated to begin for many, many months.
When the Greenville R-2 journalism class visited the newspaper in May, Superintendent Rick Clubb Jr. said that the school is planning to build a new administrative building near the high school and elementary school, which is located across the street from each other.
The current administrative building is located in downtown Greenville. It is a two-story building that was at home time a home. It has been renovated into offices and a meeting room.
The meeting room is located upstairs and makes it difficult for the school district to hold meeting that are accessible to the handicapped. In order to have closed session meetings, the public must wait outside on the porch or in the yard.
The old administrative building used to be located adjacent to both the high school and the elementary school. The old high school burned and the elementary school was relocated to its new campus several years ago.
Clubb said the school board is currently work with an architect to design plans for the new building. After plans are designed, the school will let bids on the project.

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