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The Devastating Consequences of One-Party Democrat Rule

Congressman Smith Capitol Report

The Devastating Consequences of One-Party Democrat Rule
A recent poll found that a whopping 85 percent of Americans believe our nation is on the wrong track. It’s not at all surprising when you consider just how disastrous one-party Democrat rule of Washington has been for our nation. Beyond the record inflation, unaffordable gas, and empty grocery shelves, the radical Left has taken hold of their party – and they’re threatening violence to help force through the most destructive parts of their agenda.

Since the draft of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling was leaked, there have been at least 80 incidents of pro-abortion vandalism, intimidation, and violence – including fire bombings. It’s sickening that a common target of the radical Left’s violent attacks are pro-life pregnancy resource centers, which provide support to homeless women, pregnant mothers, and babies.

Instead of calling for peace, Democrats in Congress are adding fuel to the fire. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) recklessly said Supreme Court Justices would “pay the price” if the court didn’t rule in the Left’s favor in an abortion case. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) – along with other leaders of the Left – called for shutting down every pro-life pregnancy resource center in America. Days after she wrongly villainized pregnancy centers, two of these facilities in her own state were vandalized. Washington Democrats have shown no concern that their rhetoric is contributing to the alarming increase in violent attacks against Americans who support life, including the recent assassination attempt against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Despite growing threats to Supreme Court Justices, Democrat leaders are actively encouraging the Left to harass and intimidate members of our nation’s highest court – whether they’re at home with their family or eating dinner at a restaurant. President Biden’s Justice Department is even protecting the Leftist mob by refusing to enforce a federal law prohibiting protests outside judges’ private homes. That is completely unacceptable!

At the same time when Washington Democrats are encouraging mob justice, they’re waging a legislative war in Congress against the unborn. This month, Washington Democrats passed an abortion on-demand bill – the most radical piece of their pro-abortion agenda. Washington Democrats believe that a baby’s life can be taken away just minutes before being born. It’s outrageous! As a person of faith, protecting the right to life is something I will never stop fighting for.

President Biden and his Leftist allies in Congress are also trying to achieve their decades-long goal of taking away the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. After Congress passed anti-gun legislation last month, I warned that their bill was just the first step in their decades-long effort to ban guns, and that they would be back for more soon. I just thought they would make it more than one month before demanding even more.

This month, Democrats introduced their most radical, anti-gun legislation yet: a ban on some of the most popular guns in America. Washington Democrats don’t care about the fact that law abiding gun owners save lives. There’s a reason President Biden ignored the recent story of a heroic young man in Indianapolis who saved lives when he used his firearm to take out a criminal who was carrying out a heinous attack. As a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment, I will never go along with the radical Left’s attempts to take away your constitutional right to bear arms.


Our nation is at a crossroads right now. After a year and a half of one-party Democrat rule, our economy is on the brink of a recession, Mexican Cartels are in control of our southern border, and our freedoms are under attack from more directions than ever before. We need commonsense leadership, but time and again when the Left is in charge, all we get is an attack on our freedoms. I won’t ever stop fighting for Missourians and their values.

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