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24/7 Ambulance Service Restored in Reynolds County

A new ambulance board has been appointed by the Reynolds County Commission and 24/7 ambulance service has been restored. Washington County has been contracted to manage the service.
The ambulance board is now comprised of Joe Loyd, Gina O’Brien, Randy Freeman, Brandon Robinson, Paula Henson, and Evelyn Williams. Henson is the only member of the board that remains from the former board. The new board was installed Friday evening.
Presiding Commissioner Loyd said he agreed to serve a six-month term on the board to get the new board members trained.
The new board was given packets of information concerning the current status and a presentation from Washington County Ambulance services presented the board with an option of contracting services through them one week ago.
\The Reynolds County Ambulance Board of directors met this evening Monday, July 25. From this meeting the board voted to enter into a contract with Washington County Ambulance Services to provide services starting Sunday the 31st day of July.
The contract has not been signed but will be modified and signed before the starting date of the 31st, according to Reynolds County Presiding Commissioner Joe Loyd.
“Washington County will bring a wealth of knowledge and staffing to assist with the transition from in house services,” Loyd said. “The current staff will have the choice to stay working in the county but will be under the direction of Washington County after the transition. We are excited for the potential this partnership will bring and elated that we will have 24-hour service that will be considered advanced. We expect a transition period going forward with the board working with the newly appointed director Justin Duncan. We have a massive undertaking ahead of us but feel we are making positive steps for not only the short term but potentially long term as well.
“Because of financial restraints, there will only be one ambulance operating at this time. We hope to build onto this as time goes on. We as a board feel that this is the best and only choice we have to succeed with 24 hour coverage going forward. We explored many options but decided this was best and quickest way to save what is left of the service. We have had several days of relying on mutual aid from neighboring countries.”

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