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Letter to the Editor: Our Lives Are Changing As Is The Environment

Our Lives Are Changing As Is The Environment

Congressman Smith voted in opposition to two bills that would have been of tremendous medical benefit to American veterans and their families (the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics and the Ensuring Veteran’s Smooth Transition Act). Though the Democrat dominated House passed both, the Senate was unable to pass the bills because that would have required 10 Republicans to override a filibuster (and of course neither Hawley or Blunt were among those few GOP Senators who did put their constituents’ needs ahead of party politics). I could go on at length about Smith’s failure to support anything that would help the majority of 8th District common people: his opposition to ensuring people get food stamps, housing assistance, fuel assistance, health care and medicines are well known, as is his opposition to laborers and to helping lower the cost of higher education. His endorsement of tax cuts for the super-rich is as legendary as his support for the brutal puppy mills in Missouri remaining under-regulated. But hey—he does endorse putting an AR15 in the hands of those without adequate background or mental health screenings, he is Pro-Life up until a baby’s birth (even if it does mean some women die because of his belief), and Smith is willing to spread lies on behalf of Donald Trump. So Jason Smith will remain in his gainful political position until something more lucrative entices him away!

But it looks like Jason Smith may at least have some strong opposition come this November: the radical left, the moderate left, the conservative left, the liberal conservatives, the moderate conseratives, many veterans, and just about any women’s group that’s not part of the Evangelical Far Right will be supporting another candidate – a well-qualified woman who puts the needs of Missourians ahead of those of the 1% superrich.

Mr. Smith loves having a weekly soap box (the newspaper editorial) where he can rant and rave about Democrats, Biden, Environmentalists and spout vitriolic nonsense about the economy. But I bet he doesn’t have the courage to engage in a public debate with his challenger, Randi McCallian.  Prove me wrong, Mr. Smith!

Sue Hagan

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