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Letters to the Editor:

Response to ‘Freedom of Religion’

My friend is mistaken regarding the facts. The Constitution promises freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. To get to freedom from religion, you have only to go to one of the various Marxists states around the world. There you’ll find Christianity suppressed, and the suppression of anyone (religious or not) who speaks against the ruling party! In fact, we might say that such governments have replaced various religions with the “religion of the state” or the “religion of the party”. It is only here, in a nation founded uniquely by Christians, and built upon biblical principles, that one even has the freedom to write such a letter to the editor as my friend has written!

Moreover, this recent decision of SCOTUS regarding abortion (really dwarfed by the decision regarding the EPA’s power) actually makes nothing compulsory. The SCOTUS did not force anyone to have a baby against her will; did not force any woman to become a Christian; did not punish anyone for non-Christian views; did not entrench anyone permanently into a ruling class; etc. They simply struck down a previous court decision that was unconstitutional! Their decision accomplished nothing else.

What then is causing the results we are now seeing regarding abortion in America? The Constitution itself! The 10th Amendment says that any powers not specifically given to the federal government in the Constitution are reserved to the states. Therefore, the states themselves are making the laws regarding abortion in their respective states. If you don’t like Missouri’s laws on abortion, go somewhere that you do like the laws. Or gather enough support in your state to change the laws on abortion. It should be far easier to gather the support needed to change the laws of a state, rather than to change the laws of the federal government; but, of course, my friend is free to try to pass a federal law, too! In other words, by opposing this decision, my friend is opposing the Constitution itself which protects the power of the states from federal tyranny.

The Electoral College, also, is set up by the Constitution. The Electoral College is actually there to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. If we didn’t have the Electoral College, then populous states like California, New York or Florida would determine who’s President every single time! Our votes in Missouri would be meaningless. The candidates would never even visit Missouri or smaller states; they would only visit the most populous states. If you don’t like the Electoral College, then you don’t like the Constitution.

If my friend is truly repulsed by monarchy, then I would expect her to be outraged by Biden’s usurpation of legislative power in multiplying executive orders, including one last month regarding abortion. Also, like a king, Biden undermined the authority of a whole branch of our government when he called the SCOTUS a threat to world stability in front of NATO.

In short, we already have limits to the federal government, including the POTUS & SCOTUS, it’s called the Constitution in general, and in particular the 10th Amendment. However, if we, the states, do not demand that the federal government stay within its bounds, we will end up with tyranny of some sort.

I respectfully welcome anyone who disapproves of the Constitution to move to China or Russia or North Korea. There you’ll find abortions aplenty, and Christians are scarce.

Michael Pfleegor

Bloomsdale, Mo.

More Misinformation, propaganda by Jason Smith

Every week another article by Jason Smith, full of misinformation and propaganda.

This week Smith claims Biden caused a recession and 80% gas hike. The truth is, demand for gas fell off sharply during the pandemic, briefly pushing the price of oil down. The Ukraine war disrupted Russian oil supplies, causing price spikes across the globe. Then oil companies decided to gouge us!

Exxon made $17.9 billion last quarter, up 273%! That is $2,245.62 every second of every day for 92 days! Chevron made $11.6 billion. $1,462.11 per second!

Oil companies made $60 billion in profits in three months and spent them… not reinvesting in their businesses… but on stock buybacks. But yes, Jason Smith….keep harping on how Biden drove up the gas prices! Biden is the one working to bring them back down. My last fill-up I paid 50 cents less a gallon.

If we are in a recession like Smith says, why have most recent jobs numbers not shown a downturn? Instead the addition of 528,000 new jobs. Unemployment is at 3.5%, the lowest in 50 years!

Smith decries “Biden’s inflation crisis”, but will Smith vote on the Inflation Reduction Act? Of course not!  A bill that invests in addressing climate change and new energy development, bringing more good paying jobs! $100 billion will extend subsidies to give more people much needed healthcare insurance from ACA during a pandemic. It will save us money by enabling Medicare to negotiate prices for certain prescription drugs. What is wrong with lower drug prices Jason Smith?

Smith calls this a “horrific proposal doubling the size of the IRS!” Yes, the measure will beef up funding for IRS, to enforce existing tax laws. It also will raise revenue by requiring corporations to pay a minimum tax of 15%. If I have to pay 15% why shouldn’t corporations?

Smith was against the CHIPS act which will provide $39 billion for US semiconductor companies. Smith is against making semiconductors in the US? $11 billion is for research and development and $2 billion is for military applications. He calls that reckless spending!

Smith voted “NO!” on H.R.8373: Right to Contraception Act! So women shouldn’t have the right to contraception? Why? How does that benefit rural Missouri? He has gone too far! In his 5 terms, all he does is spread propaganda! It is time for him to go!

I am grateful to have a new candidate opposing Smith this fall. Someone who will come out to our towns and talk to us, find out our needs. Not sit in a DC office writing propaganda! One who will represent us, stand up for our rights, look out for our best interests and bring a brighter future to rural Missouri!

I would like to see Jason Smith get up from behind his desk and face his constituents and that candidate, Randi McCallian, in a debate! Make Smith answer for his Reckless Propaganda!


Roxann Parker



Change and Crisis

A wise man prayed,   

“Lord, help me to change the things that I can change, and to accept the things that I cannot, and grant me the wisdom to know the difference”

We cannot stop a woman in crisis from seeking relief. We can change the law and services to help prevent her from being in crisis. Equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, free access to contraception and other reproductive services, easy adoption, and strengthening abuse laws to hold men accountable are proven to reduce, if not eliminate, unwanted pregnancies. But passing a law that makes terminating an unwanted pregnancy illegal, will not eliminate abortion, but it will infringe on a woman’s right to make decisions about her life and health. It’s time we take action to help women, not punish them.

Chuck Banks, Coldwater


Insights Needed

Dear Ms. Combs,

Thank you so much for printing the very informative letters from Roxann Parker and Sue Hagan. I have missed Ms. Hagan’s thoughtful insights into issues relevant to the needs of people in the Eighth Congressional District. And Ms. Parker is a citizen long committed to the welfare of our community. A broad range of opinions is necessary for a healthy democracy and I appreciate your paper demonstrating an acknowledgement of that value. Please keep it up.

Mary Guenther

Black, Mo.

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