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We’ve Been Forgotten

Jason Smith has been so busy bashing the President and the helpful programs that Joe Manchin allowed him pass, that he has forgotten to help his district! I am not directing this at his local staff, as they have been very helpful and quick to respond anytime I have needed them, it’s Jason himself that is failing us.

While other districts are building solar panels or car factories, we in the 8th are waiting on the fishmeal factory to open in the vacant onion ring factory building. We got nothing from Congress. Where’s the investment in the river ports along the Mississippi River?

The Republicans in Congress have forgotten who sent them and why they were sent. It’s time we join the rest of humanity and help the people of this country and make life easier for the least of us.

Harry Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, and Obama all knew what to do: pass programs that lift people up. The people aren’t just a workforce, they are the government. We have a patriotic duty to participate and elect people who will work for us.

Chuck Banks


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