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Objectivity and Subjectivity

Objectivity bases itself on FACT, traditionally impartial, level-headed, rational and unifying in applying truth to create balance. Subjectivity has personal preference and is based upon OPINION often becoming emotional and divisive having fervent convictions. It is commonly judgmental and requires the support of others that are like-minded.                                 

Both make deductions and have revelations that are either accepted or rejected, however it takes acquisition of knowledge based upon research and expertise for objectivity to draw conclusions. Subjectivity is often suspicious, argumentative, dogmatic, in denial and resentful, questioning the extent of objectivity’s impartiality. Yin Yang.

Of course facts change and are often disputed because of that. As more information becomes evident, discovery can alter facts. However, in a world of big business cartels and propagandization, many of us question the authenticity coming from those that profit by us, justifiably. This compromises an ability to accept facts from some sources, as that has gradually deteriorated in a world of mega capitalization.             

Also moods and circumstances challenge change with us having to alter established norms and ways of perceiving things. Balancing all our other responsibilities in life, it just seems like too much to ask, creating instability in our increasingly complicated world.                    

Resentment steps in to question the need for surrendering to reinvent established norms because it is unsettling, perturbing and jerks us around. If however, change didn’t happen, stagnation would come along and we’d not progress. So, we have to do our own research.      Ebb and flow remind us we are familiar with natural rhythm in nature, so regrouping and reassessing becomes yet another responsibility. No matter how annoying it is, we are compelled to be good sports.          

Sports and politics are similar as we root for one team or the other while the playing field changes. When hit by torrential societal storms we are threatened with displacement. Based upon lack of performance, we might decide to change our loyalties by switching sides, realizing our expectations haven’t been fulfilled. We may become disappointed with the results, doubt the accuracy of press coverage, management, the condition of the playing field, inaccuracy of information and numerous suspicions regarding the faults, strikes, fouls and errors. Then we might start flinging blame and accusations on the other side, coach, players or other, defensively.                             

After all that we are compelled to move forward to either reach objectivity or remain hung up on subjectivity. 

Dawn Allen,


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