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Less Government, Not More

Dear President Biden,

 Sir, I decided to record your speech from last Thursday night (01 Sep 2022) and after reviewing it, I was really disappointed in your talk. I thought you were going to discuss more about your accomplishments and what the future holds? I was looking forward to a positive message of hope but found that your talk was very inappropriate and decisive as our president and really nothing more than a campaign speech. Everyone is so polarized now, and this speech did not bring anyone together. You blame republicans and former President Trump. Do I have to remind you that Trump has been out of office for almost 20 months? I am tired of hearing about Trump all the time now.

 I consider myself to be a Make America Great Again (a MAGA) believer. Yet, I am registered as a democrat. What gives you the right to tell me that I am off center? Do you not understand that many Americans have some common goals, themes, and objectives no matter what party or even with no party voting? For some things, I believe to let a woman make her own choices, I do not believe that the election was stolen, I am for the protection of our planet and the environment, I think violence is usually ridiculous to make a point, and I also believe that richer people need to pay more in taxes (perhaps solved without so many deductions being given).

 You campaigned on bringing the people of this country together, however, you have torn this country apart more than any other president during my four-decades of voting. What good have you really done during your time in office?

You and your staff lost billions of dollars in equipment with a failed pull-out from Afghanistan, including support members left behind and military deaths.

You are forgiving some student loans, yet have failed most of our population who did not take-out student loans, paid them off, or did not even go to college.

You sent all kinds of funds and support to protect the Ukrainian border but fail to protect our own southern border; you even dragged your feet in providing Ukraine with the proper funding and equipment to win their war, if that was the goal, and now spend more and more money there often. You provide funds to help out other counties and their people while so many Americans are needing help.

You approved bills with all kinds of pork in them, like the recent one that has 87,000 new IRS agents. Yet, the money or federal personal buildup should have been spread around instead, especially with agencies that help and protect the people and resources of our country. Bills filled with so much spending and pork that you should have vetoed them and returned to Congress.

Overall, I believe in less government, not more. You and your agencies gave out so much money during the pandemic without the proper oversight and subsequently with massive fraud or funds not being used as intended. You have selected and appointed people who are not always the best candidates and in doing so violated mandated Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) that all other federal offices have to follow.

Inflation goes rampant in our country, and you tell us that things are looking better? I surely do not believe that. But still, you and your cabinet members are spending money like there is no tomorrow. And when you, your staff members, and press secretary are asked how everything will be paid for, all I hear is that taxing businesses will help businesses who will certainly pass on any higher tax increases to consumers.

You cutoff or hinder natural gas, oil, coal, and even fertilizer production, with so many of those workers losing their jobs, yet all the time I see that you and all your support personal are not flying around in electric aircraft or even using any electric vehicles. You and your administration travel around all over this country and world-wide in aircraft and other vehicles that add tons of carbon to our atmosphere, but you tell us that electric cars are needed to reduce carbon concerns. Sort of hypocritical, isn’t this? Stay at the White House more and from there hold news conferences and answer questions from the press instead of running all over the country to make speeches. You vacation or head to your Delaware home so often that I wonder who is even running our country at times?

Our stock market crashes, retirees IRAs fail, inflation takes such a toll, energy costs go nuts and now billions of our dollars will be sent overseas in purchasing replacement energy supplies, health care costs continue to rise much more than the inflation rate, supply chain issues continue to cause problems, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pour into this country monthly, dangerous drug importation and law enforcement problems run rampant. Thousands upon thousands of people with be killed or negatively affected by too much or too little water and you concentrate your efforts on guns? Stick around Washington and try to fix some of this, working with your staff and Congress.

 Yet again, you give speeches like this one the other night without ever answering questions. All I see is you walking away afterwards. So again, I have to ask what good have you really done for this country? I, one of many, had some hope that you would become our unifier and chief, but believe that this will no longer happen, and now realize that you will always blame others. Yes, call me a MAGA believer, and because of this that I am a fascist (I am looking for a hat or shirt now with MAGA embossed on it). Why do you consider MAGA a new four-letter word? Is it because that term was associated with Trump who accomplished some things?

 It is just too bad that you and your speech writers do not understand that a part of fascism is the forcible suppression of opposition. This fascism reminds me of what you, your staff, and other agencies are now doing with MAGA believers, with Trump and his hard-core supporters, and now even with moderate republican supporters.

While I do not believe that I have become a fascist, it appears to me that you are becoming a dictator. I really have hopes that Trump does not run again and instead some other new, younger candidate will take his place but whomever it is, your actions, failures, and inactions, and that coming from most of your cabinet staff, and with the inability of Congress to find problem resolutions will force me to vote the republican or independent ticket for our next president, especially after a really anticipated presidential speech like this one was last Thursday night.

I always have voted for the person and the issues instead, but after I heard that speech you gave and with our continued Congressional failures, I no longer believe that I will ever vote for a democrat again at least in any national election, or if do, I will be very, very hesitant.

Randy Long

Ellington, MO

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