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Letting You Go

In memory of one of the best men to walk this planet – my grandpa, John Moore.

For all of my days, you were right there,

Leading the way with such tender care.

I looked to you; I needed you so

You were right there to watch me grow.

Your hands – they were strong; they fought many wars.

Your battle was long, but you stayed the course.

The unwavering rock, never changing and strong,

Your life story played out like a beautiful song.

You were so many things to so many, like me,

But like a beautiful bird, you had to be free.

So now letting you go and moving on without you

Is a part of my life, and the hardest thing to do.

Still, your stories I hear and your face I can see.

You are not gone at all, because you live on in me.

7-27-29 – 9-16-21

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