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Time for a Change

After all the years that Jason Smith has been our congressman, he has nothing to show for it, and neither do we. His career has been one disaster after another. From his time in the State legislature where he overturned the anti-puppy mill initiative, and supported every anti-worker bill, to his years in DC where his time was spent collecting dark money and never passing a single piece of positive legislation.  He has done nothing but oppose every bill that would help the people of his district. He voted against the infrastructure bill that will bring safe bridges, roads, and broadband. He opposed the voter rights bill. He opposed the recovery act that put money in the pockets of laid off workers and retired folks. He opposed the SNAP (food stamp) increase for hungry children. He opposed the debt relief action that will help our struggling college students. Last week I learned that he and his mother (the puppy mill) both received federal ppp loans that were FORGIVEN! That fact, along with his involvement in organizing busloads of SEMO MAGA lovers to come to the Stop the Steal rally and attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power is more than an outrage!  Isn’t it time for a change? Consider Randi McCallian, a mother, a farmer and a healthcare advocate. A vote for Randi is a vote for democracy, rights, and a better life for all SEMO citizens!

Chuck Banks


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