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In Memory of Donald Lynn Conway 7/6/1939 – 9/23/2021

A year ago September 23, 2021, you took your last ride out of Pine Valley.

We had our good times and our tiffs.  It was well known people didn’t stand up to you or else but I had no choice but to stand up to you on various issues over the years. 

I thank you for the calls for me to lease my pastures over the past several years and for the names and numbers of attorneys.  In your own way you cared but was a person that never showed those feelings. 

Oh, I still can’t believe you knew about the Honda 90 incident on “D” Hwy. J  I can still hear you laughing when you began describing the incident to me July 2018 while we were sitting on your front porch watching the deer in the field.  I was shocked you knew and I didn’t get one of those relentless whippings you gave to Sis and me when we were growing up.

I was told when I signed the Waiver of Right of Sepulcher form that I would be called “specifically”, since I live 3 ½ hours away, when a date and time was known for your graveside service.  Sis asked if it was in our Dad’s paperwork that family couldn’t attend Dad’s graveside service since we were informed earlier by a “person” that Don didn’t want any of his family attending his funeral or flowers from his family.  We were informed it “wasn’t” in Don’s paperwork that he didn’t want family attending.   We were also told at that time the graveyard was public property.

Needless to say, I “wasn’t” called as I was told I would be when the date and time was decided upon.  Attending your graveside services was taken away from your family but they can’t take away our memories.

All I have to say are these people will have to answer to one last Person upon their death. 

RIP Dad.

-Your two daughters, four grandkids and ten great-grandkids.

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