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Connecting Despite Differences

Social inequality is prevalent in various areas of our country as well as the rest of the world, so before we get ahead of ourselves we should realize that our society isn’t as advanced as we may have thought. We are obligated to strive toward equality, because it is characteristic of Democracy (not to mention, Christianity) and requires everyone’s perseverance. Changes and challenges will always come along to question egalitarianism and our allegiance to our republic.

Individuals accept change at different times in different ways, so we wait for those that are uncertain about going forward as they question or have issue with progressing further, due to specific issues, bias or uncertainty. Some of us are not at all sure we want to forge ahead, as there are mixed opinions about how advancement is defined and obtained. Some feel it asks too much, not enough or are simply confused.

Here in Missouri we’ve experienced that “Show ME” can sometimes mean: if you SHOW ME, I’ll sure SHOW YOU! So, we might have to slow down in order to get everyone on board. The Hatfields and McCoys need to be reassured that neither is blameworthy, but somehow we must move past all the feuding!

There’s usually their side, our side with the truth that can found somewhere in between if we look for it. Maintaining kinship connections with friends, neighbors and relations is necessary. Hardheaded attitude is a common affliction that takes time to resolve so that we may propose a truce, while acquiring the necessary diplomacy to get there. Even though it is difficult, we can’t stop trying. Our relationship with others is NOT always founded upon our similarities, instead it is our ability to connect with one another, despite our differences.

Considering all the rumors and stories, we must strive to learn what to believe and disregard. That cannot be done by relying upon a single source for information. Diplomatic determinations are made by consulting many different sources to draw fair and open-minded conclusions that could enable us to move on.

Bias and narrow-mindedness is opinionated and fueled by emotion. It’s our duty as Americans to bridge our social gaps using common sense and reason by agreeing to disagree and accepting what differences we may have. One thing we’ve in common is our right to be individuals and not carbon copies of one another. Lets all get aboard a train heading for the same destination. All aboard that’s coming aboard!

 Dawn Allen, Patterson

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