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Seniors Need Social Security

Dear Editor,

Let’s suppose you paid into a retirement program during your working years and then found out that the company you paid no longer wants to fund the program. On top of that you find out that the company has borrowed money from the retirement fund to finance the ongoing operations of the company.

That is what is happening to our Social Security. Republicans, starting with Ronald Reagan and including our current U.S. Representative Jason Smith, have been gunning for what they call “entitlement programs” including Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and Medicaid.

Smith is appalled that Social Security automatically grants benefits to people who qualify- people who have paid into the system during their working life. Imagine that! People who have paid into the system expect to get it back! Oh the horror!

Smith has joined 157 House Republicans who hold slashing Social Security and Medicare as a core component of their proposed budget. In 2021 Smith introduced a bill that would require a work component for people on Social Security Disability.

Really Jason? The people I know who receive disability benefits receive them because they cannot work. Making people feel guilty about something they cannot control is cruel and unusual punishment.

Social Security is a very popular program. Without it many seniors and people with disabilities would be forced into abject poverty. We deserve better. We deserve someone who cares about their constituents and is willing to fight for our rights.

Janet Fossey

15912 State Route A

Salem, MO 65560


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