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Integrity Can’t Be Bought

Prosperous business, net worth, money and material assets doesn’t necessarily measure success. Accumulation of the almighty dollar and what it can buy can’t own integrity, morals, ideals, health or happiness which is how wealth could be more appropriately evaluated.

Politics is a business requiring financial support to represent us. Medicine too, a costly factor in many patient’s everyday lives. The inflated economic value of essentials for our survival has risen astronomically, challenging our moth eaten wallets and purses. What we have doesn’t go far and is inadequate. It’s our ingenuity, resourcefulness and dealing with the ramifications of managing everyday life, that makes us work toward individual accomplishment and it isn’t easy.

Digging into our pockets we have to pay to have a voice, but integrity can’t be bought. Some of those striving to represent us are far from admirable nor are they necessarily qualified. Candidates could be those that have honed a public facade craftily. It is easy to fall victim to smooth talkers. Once coerced, deceived and tricked we can become victims of manipulation because the goal is to gain our trust so we elect them. These actors are addicted to political stage performance.

Government developed a plan to protect us during our elderly years. That accumulation is sought after by those wanting what we’ve paid into, throughout our working lives. They desire to use it for different purposes without our consent. This is accomplished by employing political tricks through manipulation and redefining the constitution, our laws and rights in order to gerrymander our retirement funds.

Greed plays a role in financial accumulation because it can never have enough. Using a political slight-of-hand it can change the playing field by victimizing us. Gluttony is spoiled by material wealth and it will cheat to get it. The greedy feel that humility exhibits weakness.

We learn ethical behavior by attending the school of hard knocks, church or through virtuous upbringing, etc. In some political circles ethics have no value and are a sign of vulnerability to be ridiculed.

Business and political cartels strive to rule, owning private armies, off shore investments and illegal businesses. They interfere with and take advantage of other cultures’ politics and businesses. Virtue and character are targeted and used against those that have these qualities. It is a wonder how our democracy survives with all these lawless shenanigans owned by wealth that feels it’s above having to pay taxes.

Dawn Allen, Patterson

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